PlateRate Frequently Asked Questions

About PlateRate

How does PlateRate work?

We do a lot of things, which you can read about at, but since I have limited time to tell you what we do let me say this:
  1. We help you order food from restaurants, and earn free food for rating your menu items (often 50-60% credits in free food)
  2. You can see other people’s menu item ratings to pick the best menu items at restaurants
All you have to do is:
  1. Order your food on PlateRate (we have multiple order options and will be adding more)
  2. Rate your food while you’re eating it
  3. You earn free food to order again from that restaurant, generally within the next month (or few months)
You earn free food for trying new menu items - things you’ve never tried - so we incentivize you to try a lot of menu items at our partner restaurants, so you can find your favorite dishes and drinks there and reorder them at full price.

How much credit in free food do you offer?

It differs by restaurant… each restaurant chooses the discounts they offer. We recommend they offer at least the following:
  1. 40-60% credit in free food on your first order from the restaurant
  2. 20-30% credit in free food the first time you try a menu item you’ve never tried before

Can I earn free food from referring friends to PlateRate?

Yes! You earn free food if you share the app with friends who use it… Every time someone you referred to the app buys food from PlateRate, you earn some free food… the more your friends use the app the more free food you earn. Just to give an idea, if your friends order 50 times in one month, you will earn about $10 of free food…. And you earn free food from your friends for 1 year after they start buying food on the app…. So if that happens every month for a year, you’ll earn $120 of free food.

Are you saying I earn free food of up to 60% credit just for spending 5-15 seconds rating my food?

Yep - that’s right -- Rate your food and you earn free food, and its quick and easy to rate your food on PlateRate! Just be sure to use your free food before it expires (usually 1 month). We’ll give you reminders before it expires to remind you to use it.


What happens if there’s a problem with my delivery?

We will tell you who is delivering your food on the food delivery screen -- PlateRate doesn’t do physical delivery of food, we let other companies do that. We will tell you, though, who is delivering your food so if there’s a problem you can call them and ask them to resolve it.

When I order delivery, why is there an option to tip “later”

Our team has used PlateRate competitors as a customer, and one of our pet peeves is when you tip 20% on a delivery order, and the delivery doesn’t come for an hour and a half… So we allow you to tip “later” -- which means after the food is delivered. This way, if your delivery experience is bad, you can leave a low tip, without having to carry cash. If your delivery experience is good, give them a good tip -- Especially if there’s bad weather outside! PlateeRate will tell you when thee order went out for delivery, so you will know if its the restaurant’s fault or the delivery guy’s fault if your food was late… and we politely ask you not to penalize the delivery guy if the restaurant was just backed up on orders and took a long time to cook your food…. Rate the delivery guys based on whether they did the best job they could delivering to you!

Influencer Functionality

Who can be an influencer?

Anyone can be an influencer…. Just like on Instagram and Pinterest… Just fill out your profile, start rating food, and people can follow you as an influencer and see all your ratings.

What influencers should I follow?

Follow people who you have a high “FlavorMatch Compatibility” score with, which means you like similar tasting food to them, and you’re more likely to enjoy their recommendations!
You can also follow influencers that like the types of cuisine you like, the types of beverages you like, and have experience in the hospitality industry!