Increase Margins and Boost Loyal Patrons by 3.5x With PlateRate

3rd-party systems prioritize fees, while PlateRate prioritizes customer loyalty and restaurant profits


Introducing PlateRate...

Get Paid to Take Online Orders

  • Get PAID to have your own online ordering system
  • Only a 2% credit card processing fee
  • Take orders for Pickup, Delivery, Dine-in, and Order-Ahead
  • Order-ahead lets customers pre-order for dine-in so it’s ready when they arrive

PlateRate has the #1 loyalty-creating System in the Industry

  • Diners are over 3.5x as likely (over 56%) to order a 3rd time
  • Diners are 70% likely to come back again after the 3rd order
  • More loyal customers increases profits and reduces marketing costs
  • Diners are incentivized to try your top-rated menu items (a key decision-factor of where diners eat out)
  • Get to know your most loyal, top-spending customers

Happier Staff and Customers

Benefits of PlateRate’s dine-in and order-ahead functionality:

  • Diners order & pay at the table through the app, no need to flag down waitstaff
  • Turn tables 20+ minutes faster, no need to bring a check or swipe a card
  • PlateRate enables waitstaff to provide better service to more customers (increasing tips and staff retention while lowering payroll costs)
  • PlateRate allows for separate checks with no additional overhead

What Is PlateRate?

PlateRate was created to help provide the ultimate dining experience to your customers and to support local restaurants. So, we’ve built an unparalleled loyalty system to promote top-rated menu items and help you connect with your most loyal customers as well as help find and cultivate new ones. We believe there’s a better way, that’s why we created PlateRate.

I know, you may be asking, “who are these guys?” or “how can I trust them?”. Well, my name is Garrett (nice to meet you) and I’m the founder of PlateRate. I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies developing industry-leading software for over two decades, enabling one to become the best product in their industry.


After seeing the struggles in the restaurant industry, I felt the need to take my skills and apply them to an industry I love (I mean who doesn’t like eating at restaurants). Since then, PlateRate has gone on to win the Best Visionary Product of the Year in its first year of active use. We currently operate in New York, New Jersey, Florida, and California, and will continue expanding.

How It Works

Step #1 - Fill out Partnership Application

Let us know:

  • What restaurant(s) you manage/own
  • Restaurant Locations
  • How we can get hold of you.
Step #2 - We’ll Set Up Your Restaurant on PlateRate

This includes:

  • Digitizing your menu
  • Validating restaurant hours
  • Running a test order
  • Training your staff
Step #3 - Start Gaining More Loyal and Profitable Customers

Our unique loyalty program will help:

  • Create repeat customers through our unique incentives
  • Improve loyalty by recommending your restaurant’s top-rated menu items
  • Start getting over 3x as many loyal customers!

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